Value Innovation and TRIZ activities at Samsung Electronics

—Dong-Seob Jang


In order for business to survive, it is necessary to provide differentiated value for consumers by analyzing consumer lifestyle and market trends.

GVI(Group Value Innovation) Program at Samsung Electronics is an unique methodology like Design Thinking to find product concepts that can give customers new value and experience. There are many problems to realize concepts to real products.

TRIZ has been used as problem solving tool for developing innovative products and process. It has contributed to lots of good results and showed effectiveness for R&D engineers to generate creative ideas. TRIZ experts trained every year have played key roles in solving technical problems and applying core patents.

In this presentation, Value Innovation & TRIZ activities at Samsung Electronics are shared and implementing methods and best practices are presented.

Creative A.I. as an Equal Partner of Inventors

—Valeri Tsourikov

At the same time human engineers and researchers still are much better in second phase – idea acceptance, because they have unformalized knowledge of psychological and cultural constraints. Also, human inventors are good at directing A.I. to most promising areas and in implementation of best concepts. Partnership between inventors and creative A.I. will result in generation of millions of novel ideas even before the industry understands the needs for new technologies.

Implementing TRIZ at GE Research: the Long-term View

—Martha Gardner, Ph.D.                                                            

Roadmap and Opportunities for Research and Applications with Systematic Innovation

— Professor D.Daniel Sheu

This subject is about systematic innovation and the research/application opportunities/ roadmap for the field. TRIZ systematic innovation methods has been broaden and proven again and again as a set of effective and systematic way to identifying innovative new products/services, solving management and business model problems innovatively, generating innovative problem solving ideas, producing high value patents, and circumventing patents. There exist opportunities for people to do research in the area and produce significant improvements to technical and management problems. However, most people focus on only some isolated aspects of the systematic innovation field without holistic view of the opportunities.