Roadmap and Opportunities for Research and Applications with Systematic Innovation

This subject is about systematic innovation and the research/application opportunities/ roadmap for the field. TRIZ systematic innovation methods has been broaden and proven again and again as a set of effective and systematic way to identifying innovative new products/services, solving management and business model problems innovatively, generating innovative problem solving ideas, producing high value patents, and circumventing patents. There exist opportunities for people to do research in the area and produce significant improvements to technical and management problems. However, most people focus on only some isolated aspects of the systematic innovation field without holistic view of the opportunities. This talk lays out the research/application roadmap opportunities according to primarily and supporting innovation value chains for people who are interested in the field. Purposes of the talk include:

  • To share a panoramic view of the field of systematic innovation.
  • To share the philosophies, insights, and breakthrough concepts of TRIZ systematic innovation for industrial problem solving.
  • To lay out the research roadmap and opportunities based on TRIZ and its integration with some contemporary topics, opening up cross-functional new fields for engineering backgrounders.


  • Insights and some breakthrough philosophy and principles of TRIZ
  • The systematic process of Systematic Innovation
  • Where to innovate – a panoramic view
  • Research & Application Roadmap in Systematic Innovation
  • Further Learning Resources