Creative A.I. as an Equal Partner of Inventors
Recent advances in A.I. technologies made possible to design a new generation of intelligent systems,
which are powerful enough to be treated as creative partners of human inventors. When  A.I. system works
in generative inventions mode, it uses newly published scientific effects to create novel
ideas, thus automating a first phase of creativity cycle - idea generation. Because modern A.I. has access
to large knowledge bases it can generate new ideas much faster compare to inventors.
At the same time human engineers and researchers still are much better in second phase - idea acceptance,
because they have unformalized knowledge of psychological and cultural constraints. Also, human
inventors are good at directing A.I. to most promising areas and in implementation of best concepts.
Partnership between inventors and creative A.I. will result in generation of millions of novel ideas even
before the industry understands the needs for new technologies.