IDAuthorsTitleDownload presentation
1Victor FeyA TRIZ-based Behavioral Modeling of Technological Systems
4Christoph Dobrusskin and Loes WijnoltzVinaigrette Variations
6Nick EckertLOBIM – a computer game based training for inventive principles
7Michael Ohler, Phil Samuel, Riaan Brits and Andrea BeertTRIZ methods applied to the analysis of disruption in the marketplace
8Ahmed Cherifi and Mickael GardoniTriz in ecodesign: an alternative in the choice of environmental solutions without pollution transfer
15Kai Hiltmann, Christian Thurnes, Robert Adunka and Daniela HeinStandard VDI 4521 “Inventive Problem Solving With TRIZ” Completed
18Hyoeongseon Kim, Kyeongwon Lee, Hyeong Un No and Gun Soo JinDevelopment of Automobile Light Guide for Lighting Image Enhancement Using Retro-Reflection Principle
19 Anton Karlov and Nikolay ShpakovskyWays of an estimation of efficiency of intermediate and final decisions at target invention by means of software Solving Mill and technologies OTSM-TRIZ ?Networks of flows of problems?
20Kangrok Lee and Thanhbinh DaoTRIZ Evolutionary Trends in E-commerce Business
21Kiyohisa NishiyamaTRIZ for University Career Development Education
23Hans Baaijens and Christoph DobrusskinTRIZ as general problem solving tool in secundary school teaching
26Xavier Lepot, Axel Neveux, Stéphane Badts, Yves Guillou, Séverine Baudrux and Nadia LelandaisxPERT-O, a collaborative tool to enlighten key challenges in a complex situation
27Johannes Hofweber, Armin Lau, Oana Buliga and Julian MûllerInvestigating the capabilities of TRIZ to achieve organizational ambidexterity
28Yu Wang, Runhua Tan, Jianguang Sun and Kang WangImplementation Process of Low-end Disrupive Innovation based on OTSM-TRIZ
30Carine Frerard, Vincent Lenaerts, Bernard Rausin and Xavier LepotSolving Lab : Inventive problem-solving laboratory
31Sehoon Cho and Kyeongwon LeeStrategic Patent Development Using TRIZ and Patent Information in Industry
32Dominique FontHow to introduce TRIZ in a innovation department and increase the production of innovative solution
38Tiziana Bertoncelli, Jorge Mari and Oliver MayerMultiphysics Analysis of Power Electronics Phase Module using TRIZ
42Jinpu Zhang, Huangao Zhang, Runhua Tan, Guozhong Cao and Jianguang SunMethod of Design Transformer Based on Multiple Scenario
43Mijeong Song, Eunyoung Cho, Kunwoo Baek and Dongsub JangComputer aided collaborative patent evolution analysis
46John CookeTRIZ Super-Effect Analysis and Secondary Conflict formulation as part of a structured technology development learning cycle
50Davide Russo, Paolo Carrara and Matteo MarusiInnovation lab: how to generate patents in one day
51Maksymilian Smolnik and Robert PilchApplication of Selected TRIZ Instruments in Reliability Engineering
52Evgeniy SmirnovFormula of the concepts definition
57Pavel Livotov, Arun Prasad Chandra Sekaran, Mas'Udah, Arailym Sarsenova and Shahin SayyarehEnvironmental problems and inventive solution principles in process engineering
66Iouri Belski, Denis Cavallucci, Claudia Hentschel, Kai Hiltmann, Norbert Huber, Karl Koltze, Pavel Livotov, Konstantin Shukhmin and Christian ThurnesSustainable Education in Inventive Problem Solving with TRIZ and Knowledge-Based Innovation at Universities
75Toru Nakagawa, Darrell Mann, Michael Orloff, Simon Dewulf, Simon Litvin and Valeri SouchkovWorld TRIZ Sites Project for Building and Maintaining a Compendium of Global TRIZ Resources
79Thomas Nagel, Henryk Stöckert and Nina DefoungaLearning TRIZ with an application on case studies