Automated Invention for Smart Industries

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IDAuthorsTitleDownload presentation
2Claudia Hentschel, Christian Thurnes and Frank ZeihselGamiTRIZation - Gamification for TRIZ education
3Zahir MessaoudeneParadoxes and Organizational Learning in Continuous Improvement Approaches: Using the TRIZ Principles for Developing Problem Solving Performance in a Michelin Plant
11Yafan Dong, Peng Zhang, Runhua Tan, Wei Liu and Ruiqin WangStudy on establishing Functional Periodicity of new products based on TRIZ
12Kyeongwon LeeInnovative Design Thinking Process with TRIZ
22Pierre-Emmanuel Fayemi, Gilles Martin and Claude GazoInnovative technical creativity methodology for Bio-Inspired Design
24Junlei Zhang, Runhua Tan and Guozhong CaoApplication of standard solution to man-machine-environment coupling effect
37Pascal Sire, Eric Prevost, Yves Guillou, Alain Riwan and Pierre SaulaisTRIZ and Intellectual Property to strengthen the start-up spirit
40Wei Liu, Runhua Tan, Yafan Dong, Guozhong Cao and Limeng LiuA creative design approach based on TRIZ and knowledge fusion
44Davide Russo, Pierre-Emmanuel Fayemi, Matteo Spreafico and Giacomo BersanoDesign entity recognition for Bio-inspired Design supervised state of the art
47Martin Kiesel and Hammer JensTRIZ – Develop or Die in a World of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity
48Paolo Carrara, Davide Russo and Anna Rita BennatoMarket complexity evaluation to enhance the effectiveness of TRIZ outputs
53Pavel Livotov, Mas'Udah and Arun Prasad Chandra SekaranOn the efficiency of TRIZ application for process intensification in process engineering
55Sebastian Koziołek, Marek Mysior and Bartosz PrydaMethod of innovation assessment of products and processes in the initial design phase
58Didier Casner, Achille Souili, Rémy Houssin and Jean RenaudAgile’TRIZ Framework: towards the integration of TRIZ within the Agile Innovation Methodology
59Julian Vincent and Denis CavallucciAn ontology of biomimetics based on TRIZ
61Hicham Chibane, Sebastien Dubois and Roland De GuioAutomatic extraction and ranking of systems of contradictions out of a Design of Experiments
62Roland De Guio, Sebastien Dubois, Aurélien Brouillon and Laetitia AngeloA feedback on an industrial application of the FORMAT methodology
64Justus Schollmeyer and Viesturs TamuzsDiscovery on purpose? Paradigm theory from the perspective of TRIZ
65Pei Zhang, Denis Cavallucci, Zhonghang Bai and Cecilia Zanni-MerkFacilitating Engineers abilities to solve inventive problems using CBR and Semantic similarity
67Rabih Slim, Rémy Houssin and Amadou CoulibalyConvergence and contradiction between Lean and Industry 4.0 for inventive design of smart production systems
68Cherif Ahmed Tidiane Aidara, Bala Moussa Biaye, Serigne Diagne, Khalifa Gaye and Amadou CoulibalyTowards a conceptual design and semantic modeling approach for innovative modular products
69Jerzy ChrząszczModelling CECA diagram as a state machine
73Jean Renaud, Remy Houssin, Mickael Gardoni and Mhamed NourEmergence of contradictions outcome from multi-users requirements
77Oriane Nédey, Achille Souili and Denis CavallucciAutomatic extraction of IDM-related information in scientific articles and online science news websites
78Jeongwoo Kang, Achille Souili and Denis CavallucciText simplification of patent documents to improve information extraction
80Daniel Sheu and Rachel YehParameter Deployment and Separation for Solving Physical Contradictions
82Fatima Zahra Ben Moussa, Sebastien Dubois, Roland De Guio, Ivana Rasovska and Benmoussa RachidCombining the theory of inventive problem solving with discrete event simulation for solving supply chain problems