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Sofware Corner
Sofware Corner

Aside TFC2018 and after reading carefully papers, we noted that this year edition features an interesting novelty: there is a significant quantity of demo-software; online version of research demonstrator, E-learning platform, etc… We feel that among the reviewers, there is some kind of frustration to be able only to read about something that operates on the web or on a software form (with most of the time only screenshots).


Consequently, we decided to organize the first “software corner” of the TFCs editions, offering to whoever need it, a place to display his/her online software/platform/e-learning demo. The configuration is simple: A table; A screen; plugs and an internet connection. The idea is definitely not a commercial place to sell anything, but a place for demonstrating the functionalities of a software to whomever is interested in going deeper than reading a paper or assisting to a presentation.

Bring your laptop, bring your flyers, bring your poster, we’ll offer you a table, a screen and you can use any conference breaks, lunch or evening time for organizing your demonstration to whomever is interested in your work!

Warning: We only have room for 12 tables! First asked, first served! No commercial activity, only demos in the continuation of or before a paper + presentation.

Ask us here: trizfuture2018@gmail.com

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