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For a long time I’ve been waiting for participating in TRIZ Future Conference

Mijeong Song

For a long time I’ve been waiting for participating in TRIZ Future Conference.
New scientific approach to link TRIZ with all other authentic areas as well as communication chances between companies who have pragmatic purpose
attracts my interest so much. I hope to learn and share how to predict the unpredictable future of the industries in TFC2018.

Mijeong Song, Ph.D., TRIZ Master
Principal Professional / VIP Center in GTC
Samsung Electronics

TFC is one of the important events for GE


TFC is one of the important events for GE Global Research. It allows us to stay ahead in innovation methodology with TRIZ to ensure breakthrough product development for our customers

Oliver Mayer, Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil.
GE Global Research

Trained at TRIZ and engaged in its deployment in my industrial structure

Dominique Font

Trained at TRIZ and engaged in its deployment in my industrial structure, I have always found in TFC contact and feedback that motivate again me for a whole year. Not to mention the exchanges with the labs engaged in developments of TRIZ which go far beyond the original problem-solving tools. Pleasure, each year, to meet all the experts, who experiment new ways in the innovative field

Dominique Font
Technology leader / EU Process innovation
Owens corning international

It’s been about 2 years now

Michael Rosfelder

It’s been about 2 years now that we discovered and started to apply inventive design method TRIZ with good success. So I will definitely join the TFC2018 to have a chance to meet the global TRIZ community and share experiences.

Michael Rosfelder
Product development & PMO director

I can’t wait to join the next TFC

I can’t wait to join the next TFC to be surprised by how TRIZ is applied in different environments worldwide and how it can change the way of thinking and working

Tiziana Bertoncelli, PhD
Lead Research Engineer
GE Global Research

TFC is the place to be for industry and academics to share TRIZ experience

Marc Trela

Each year, TFC is for me a unique opportunity to get an update on the latest fields of research on systematic innovation and see where key players in the industry stand. It is a chance to share best practices with pairs but also discover new methods and tools to challenge my company and bring it to the next level.

Marc Trela

TFC 2018 : the best place I can go this year !


After more than 10 years as TRIZ practitioner in ArcelorMittal Global R&D, I am still impressed by the permanent progresses of this theory worldwide. For me, TRIZ Future Conference 2018 is the best place to be this year to update my knowledge and to share best practices with the more experienced experts in this field. I am impatiently waiting for the end of October!

Gérard Griffay
Energy Program & Free Innovation Program Leader
ArcelorMittal Global Research and Development

First time for me to attend TCF2018

First time for me to attend TCF2018, will be a great time to meet the TRIZ community and share our experiences.
I’ve planned to attend the three days; it’s very nice to see the worldwide spread of TRIZ.

Roger Dumont
Product Architecture Manager

This event is a unique opportunity to learn

Sophie Vidal

This event is a unique opportunity to learn, share and network with experts about innovation methodology and its latest developments. See you at TRIZ Future Conference 2018 !

Sophie Vidal
Industrial Innovation Project Manager / Auto Exterior Division
Plastic Omnium

I am very pleased to attend the TRIZ Future Conference

Hyeong seon Kim

I am very pleased to attend the TRIZ Future Conference.
I believe that the experience of attending this conference will be a good opportunity for me to develop myself.
I would like to have a broader understanding of TRIZ through sharing experiences with TRIZ experts in various fields. Thanks for giving me such a great opportunity to attend this conference and hope to have a meaningful time to attend the meeting soon.

Hyeong seon Kim
Research Engineer
Hyundai Motor Co.,Ltd

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