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TRIZ Beginners Tutorial

Have you ever applied inventive problem solving – TRIZ? Actively engaged and in a cross-functional team of experts? So, this is your chance! Prior knowledge on TRIZ is not required. But is also does not harm, too.

Breakthrough inventions are a big building block towards successful innovation. But how to create inventions? Do we need a creative genius who does all the thinking until ideas strike like a lightning bolt? No, we don’t. INVENTIVE PROBLEM SOLVING (TRIZ) is a straight forward methodology to create inventions. This tutorial will give you hands-on experiences how to the powerful TRIZ methodology.


  • Warm-up and ice breaker
  • Overcoming psychological inertia
  • Interactive case study and hands on approach
    • TRIZ approach in a nutshell.
    • Tongs Model & Multiscreen Scheme
    • Why compromise makes both parties lose.
    • Inventive Principles help solving contradictions.
  • Wrap-up, Learnings and Feedback

This TRIZ Beginners tutorial, is a perfect kick-off for the TFC2018 conference: An extraordinary event, with valuable insights and networking opportunities.

About the tutorial providers


Nina-Defounga, Dipl.-Ing

Nina Defounga, Dipl.-Ing., Germany. Innovation has always been the centre of Nina’s professional life. Nina has earned her diploma in business engineering and gained experiences in various industries like Marketing, Software Development, Product Development and Consulting. Several start-up teams and start-ups have benefitted from these learnings, including her own ones. Nina teaches, trains and facilitates innovation methodologies to inspire the creation of truly new ideas, concepts and solutions which regularly turn into successful innovations. Being the managing director of the Berlin innovation consultancy TOM SPIKE, she confidently promises to find patentable solution for any technical challenge and innovative solutions for any other endeavour. Besides hands-on innovation support, Nina Defounga provides trainings, workshops and coaching for managers, entrepreneurs and innovators, in particular where technologies are the companies’ core competencies. Be it for technology, product, service/process or business model innovation. More on



Thomas-Nagel, Dipl.Ing.

 Thomas Nagel, Dipl.Ing. Germany. He studied mechanical engineering and received a diploma from

the HTW Aalen. He has over 30-year professional experience in engineering and product development in different leading roles. Beginning in 1998; his focus became Operational and business Excellence. Educated in North America in Design for Six Signa and a certified Senior Six Sigma Master Black recognized by Whirlpool, Bombardier and the European Six Sigma Club, he completed many improvement projects with relevant, high impacting savings. In 2008/2009 he studied TRIZ and OTSM TRIZ at the INSA Strasbourg/France and received a “Master Spécialise en conception Innovante”. During his studies he has been educated and mentored on modern OTSM-TRIZ by TRIZ Master Nikolai Khomenko. The team and he received for his master thesis project the Bombardier Innovation price in 2012. As Cofounder and partner of TOM SPIKE GmbH Berlin, Germany - a consultancy with focus on structured innovation - he supports very successful well-known companies on relevant themes about innovation. More on


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