TRIZ Beginners Tutorial-TOM-SPIKE-at-Berlin_2015

Beginners – How run effective INVENTIVE PROBLEM SOLVING session using TRIZ

Have you ever applied inventive problem solving – TRIZ? Actively engaged and in a cross-functional team of experts? So, this is your chance! Prior knowledge on TRIZ is not required. But is also does not harm, too. Breakthrough inventions are a big building block towards successful innovation. But how to create inventions? Do we need a creative genius who does ...
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Isak Bukhman, TRIZ Master, President of Altshuller Institute for TRIZ studies.

Advanced – “Algorithm for Inventive Problem Solving (ARIZ-85C)”

ARIZ-85C is the Russian acronym for "The Algorithm for Inventive Problem Solving” – “Алгоритм Решения Изобретательских Задач”. ARIZ-85C, the primary element of TRIZ, is a set of sequential, logical procedures for analyzing the initial problem situation in order to create most effective solutions by using the fundamental concepts and methods of TRIZ The author of ARIZ is Genrich Altshuller (Altshuller, ...
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